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Mosaic Render Acrylic

Mosaic Render, crafted from premium quality acrylic resin, is the perfect choice for creating an eye-catching and durable finish in any space. This unique product stands out with its exceptional ability to offer both a visually stunning mosaic effect and a robust finish. Its elasticity is a key feature, ensuring that the render remains intact and vibrant, resisting common issues like fading, dulling, impacts, and scratches. This makes it ideal for areas that see a lot of activity, be it in a home or a commercial setting.

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Mosaic Render Acrylic

Discover our Mosaic Finish

A Symphony of Color and Durability of Mosaic Render

Explore the vibrant world of Mosaic Render, a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes surface finishes. Crafted with pure acrylic resin, this mosaic finish offers more than just stunning colors. It blends remarkable elasticity with robust resistance to UV radiation and wear, making it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our Mosaic Render stands out as a water-dilutable product, based on acrylic dispersion. It uniquely incorporates colored quartz sand, imbuing it with distinct texture and depth. This special composition results in a durable finish that effectively withstands various weather conditions, underpinned by its resin’s renowned resistance to photoaging.

Boasting a palette of 24 colors, Mosaic Render opens up endless creative possibilities. More than just a visually appealing option, it’s a practical solution. It’s expertly designed to resist biological actions like moss and lichen growth, ensuring your walls remain clean and visually appealing. Additionally, its quick drying time offers a significant advantage, especially in unpredictable weather conditions, thus mitigating any potential application issues.

Mosaic Render: Revolutionizing Surface Finishes with Ease and Elegance

Mosaic Render is redefining the world of surface finishes with its unique blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. Made with a special acrylic dispersion, this product resists aging, clouding, and water effects, ensuring your surfaces stay beautiful for years. Its extended open time is a boon for those looking to add texture to their walls.

Surface preparation is key to achieving the best results with Mosaic Finish. The surfaces you plan to apply it on, like concrete, cement plasters, and reinforced layers with filler mortar, need to be dry, clean, and free from any substances that could weaken adhesion.

Using Mosaic Finish is straightforward. Start by priming all surfaces with PRIMER FOR MOSAIC, tinted to the appropriate shade. This step ensures even absorption, enhances adhesion, and helps achieve a better texture. It also extends the open time of the plaster and harmonizes the color. When applying the plaster, use a stainless steel trowel to achieve the thickness of the grain. Remember not to smooth it out; the beauty lies in its natural, textured finish.

Elevate Your Space

with Acrylic Mosaic Render

Step into the future of surface finishes, where innovation meets elegance. Here’s why Mosaic Render stands above the rest and why it’s the perfect choice for your next project.

Why Choose Mosaic Render?

Superior Durability

With its advanced acrylic dispersion formula. Mosaic Render is designed to resist aging, clouding, and water damage, ensuring your surfaces look fresh for years.

Ease of Application

The extended open time allows for seamless texturing, making it user-friendly for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its quick-drying feature also reduces weather-related risks, making it ideal for any climate.

Perfect for Various Surfaces

Whether it’s concrete, cement plasters, or reinforced layers, Mosaic Render adheres with unmatched strength, ensuring longevity and beauty on a wide range of surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Option

We are committed to sustainability. Mosaic Finish is an environmentally conscious choice, ensuring you can beautify your space without compromising the planet.

Mosaic Render isn’t just a product; it’s a promise of quality, durability, and aesthetic excellence. It’s a cut above the rest in terms of functionality and design. Whether you are a seasoned professional or taking on a personal project, it is the ideal choice for achieving a stunning, long-lasting finish.

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